a full week with no flights

Traveling is so exciting, but it was equally nice to stay in Copenhagen for a whole week. I am always happy to return after a weekend away. And, there was a moment when I considered traveling and the end of this week prior to Budapest, but I’m glad I stayed here instead. Here’s a summary of how I kept myself busy in Cope:


  • I had classes as usual on Monday, though it was a relatively quiet day. I was also very tired from my weekend, as even the one-hour time difference threw me off in going to sleep on Sunday night.
  • Adina and I went to the gym, as it was too cold for our typical Monday run.
  • I spent the rest of the evening working on a paper for my psych of peak performance class, and I was very productive.
  • I tried to go to sleep early, but I wasn’t able to fall asleep, which made me frustrated, so I decided to study for Danish instead. Adina took a funny video of me counting in Danish while in bed and wearing my retainers, and after getting all my giggles out, I tried to go to sleep again.


  • It was really sunny outside, and I woke up in a good mood. I headed to the gym, and I also needed to restock on things like paper towels, so I did those errands on my bike. Then, I went to pick up lunch at a new place from my list of places to try (Nordic Noodles) and ate it by the water while making flash cards for Danish. Then, I did some work in a cafe, and I attempted to nap but was unsuccessful.
  • I went out to Old Irish with Adina, Goldie, and Goldie’s friend from high school who is visiting her this week. We also met up with Yoni and his friends there. The music was so much better than it was last week, and we had a really good time. I fell asleep immediately when we got home.


  • I had to wake up very early for a field study with my Travel Writing class. We were given instructions to meet at a metro stop at the very end of the line that’s not near the airport. It took about 20 minutes to get there. We walked with my teacher to a park about 10 minutes away, where we were introduced to a novelist and traveler-hitchhiker. She told us about her recent experience hiking and hitchhiking from the top of the Mexican border all the way through the United States to the Canadian border, which is a well-established trail that takes five months to complete. She was very graphic in describing her journey, including all her injuries and bruises along the way. She embarked on this trip to “find herself,” and face her fears of being alone, and she kept a blog while she was away. A publisher contacted her and asked to make her blog posts into a book, which she had not expected at all. Now, she is publishing that book, and she may write others when she does other backpacking trips. It was interesting to hear about her experiences, although hitchhiking is really not something that sounds appealing to me. We talked with her and asked her questions while sitting in this hut on the water; it was freezing! We didn’t do anything specifically in the outdoors, though, so I was confused as to why we couldn’t have listened to her story in the warmth of a building.
  • I was tired and a little wet after my field study, but I was really looking forward to brunch with Adina when I got back. We had decided we would try Dalle Ralle, which is a brunch buffet place just down the street. Goldie had been there with her host family before and she enjoyed it. I ate so much food! We had eggs, potatoes, cheese, fruits, vegetables, greek salad, and chocolate pudding, and it was really yummy and fun to have a buffet.
  • I stopped at DIS to print my paper for Thursday, and then Adina and I did some work on the second floor of Emmery’s, my favorite spot. I couldn’t stay for too long, though, as it was my second cleaning week in the apartment and I needed to wash the dish towels. I figured I would do my own laundry while I was at it.
  • As I was doing laundry, I saw that the sun had come out, and I was itching to get outside. I decided to go for a bike ride, and although I started on my initial route to the path I usually run, I got myself a little lost (intentionally), as I haven’t done that in a while. It was fun to explore an unknown area for a bit before coming home. I also stopped and chatted with Bella for a while, as we needed to catch up and discuss her upcoming trip to Cope!
    • I was home for the rest of the night, and I finished studying for my Danish quiz on Thursday, as well as getting to sleep early.


  • Although Thursday was a long day, it was very exciting, as it was the last day of classes before another week-long break. (Do we ever have school?) I had a guest speaker in my Positive Psych class about the history of Hungary to prepare us for our study tour, and then Kamilla explained our itinerary. It looks like it’s going to be such a fun and informative week; I’m so excited! We also get a lot of time on our own to explore the city, which is different from Core Course week, where we had to be with the class most of the time.
  • My Danish quiz was challenging but fine. I’m glad it’s over. Now I just have to remember what I studied for our written final, which is actually coming up very soon.
  • In my Travel Writing class, we had another guest speaker, who happened to be friends with the hitchhiker from the day before. This person spoke about her experiences working in the North Pole and journaling about the wildlife she sees there. Because it is so cold there, she explained that she needed to sleep on an insulated mattress, and she said that her body lost so many calories just by sitting still that she would eat chocolate at all hours of the day. That sounds fun. 🙂
  • Adina and I went for a run after class, as the temperature reached the mid-50’s. It felt so warm outside that I didn’t even bring a jacket.
  • I had dinner at Simple Raw with Dani. She lives downstairs and although I don’t see her often, we always have a good time when we hang out. She’s good friends with Hannah from school, which is how I know her. The dinner was so good. We had both been to the restaurant before, but we didn’t know that they changed their menu to add more items! Everything there is gluten free, which is so fun.
  • Adina and I booked our hotel for London, as well as looking into Seders we can have there because it will be Passover. And, Rachel and I booked our hostel for Berlin. I am all booked for the rest of my trips!


  • It was a fun first day of break! I had been feeling a bit run down after my lack of sleep this past week, so it was nice to have a more relaxed day and get myself better. I definitely need to feel energized for my trip.
  • Adina’s friend Kristina visited her this weekend, so I spent an hour in a cafe with her near DIS while Adina had class. It was interesting to hear about what it’s like to study as an exchange student in Milan. We also met up with Aly.
  • Goldie and Adina joined us after their classes, and we all headed to the Glass Market for lunch. My friend Cate (the one with Celiac) told me I needed to try the gf crust at Gorm’s there, so I took her suggestion, and I was not disappointed.
  • I had a quick meeting with my Travel Writing teacher in the afternoon to discuss my upcoming paper, as I had a few questions about it. He was very helpful, and he even offered to read it and give me feedback before it’s due!
  • Goldie and I headed to Vesterbro for a few hours in the afternoon. She wanted to get jeans at a mall called Fisketorvet, and we also browsed some other clothing stores along the way. I hadn’t been to that area yet, so it was fun to explore.
  • Then, we came back to my apartment, where we talked with Adina and Kristina for a little while. We went for an early dinner at Cafe Paludan, a favorite. We decided it’s one of the best bang-for-your-buck places around here, as the portions are enormous, and no one has ever had a bad meal.
  • At night, we finally went to Desserthuset, which has been on my must-try list since the beginning of the semester. I was honestly just expecting to get ice cream, as the crazy milkshakes certainly don’t look like they are gluten free. However, I learned that the brownie is actually just made from eggs and sugar, so I was able to get the most outrageous and delicious dessert ever.
  • We went out to Miami, which is half-bar and half-nightclub. We were all tired and very full because of the desserts, so we decided to sit on the lower level, which was more of a bar. It was a fun place; I would go back.


  • I slept in a little, and it took me longer than usual to pack for my trip this week.
  • I ran on a different route, and I also biked around the city for a while before getting lunch with a friend from class.
  • I hung out with Adina and her friend in the afternoon, finishing up things before I leave.
  • Tonight, we are going to Bluetaco for dinner, which is the gluten-free taco place I’ve been to once before. I’m so excited. And we may go out, but I need to get up at 6:30a.m. tomorrow for my flight, so I definitely won’t stay out too late.

My next post will be after Budapest!


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