a week of planning and working (and some fun, too)

This post will not be too long, as I have dedicated a lot of my free time the past few days to getting ahead on work for the next entire week. And, since next week is the week before our first longer break, I have several assignments due. This is all very worth it, as Josh is coming to visit me tomorrow, and I do not want to do any work when he’s here. I planned an itinerary for all of our days together, and I am so excited, both to show him around at my favorite spots and explore new places in Copenhagen together.

Here’s a quick recap on my week:


  • I had a workshop in lieu of my Travel Writing class where I received feedback from a group of my peers and teacher on my first story of the semester. I hadn’t thought that it was my best piece of writing when I submitted it, but it got really good reviews. I mentioned in my Blog about Prague that I randomly met a woman in the airport who inspired my story, and my classmates were very curious to learn more about my interaction with her, and how I decided very quickly to ask her for an interview. I worked on revising my draft this week, and I plan to email the woman when I have the final draft complete.
  • Saving all my homework for Sunday night is not something I typically do at school; in fact, I’m not sure that I have ever done that. However, I have realized that on weekends I travel from Thursday to Sunday, I really have no choice. This concept stresses me out a bit, but luckily, I am abroad, and my classes are easier and less work. Still, I couldn’t help but feel a bit overwhelmed on Monday, needing to catch up on everything as well as wanting to get ahead. On Monday afternoon, Adina and I decided to go for a run before getting to work. I love running with her because she goes at a not-too-fast pace, and we are able to chat the whole time—so it really feels like a break in addition to a workout. We also ran by the water with a beautiful sunset to watch, and it was so nice. We plan to do this more often as the weather starts to get warmer.


  • I used my bike to run all my errands, which I love. It was another beautiful day, so I was happy to be outside.
  • I also checked out a new cafe to do my homework in. I spent a lot of the afternoon memorizing a Danish script that I had written with a partner in my class, as we had an assignment this week to record a 3-minute video—without looking at our notes! This was quite challenging, as I still haven’t been able to figure out many patterns or rules in terms of learning the language. So many of the words “just are” the way they are, and there are so many random things to remember. Another difficult concept is that the word order in Danish is different depending on if you are stating something or asking a question
  • In the evening, I went with my friend Hannah from my core course to Tivoli, which is an amusement park in Copenhagen, the second-oldest operating park in the world. There is a winter theme happening for all of February, so I wanted to check it out. After talking to some friends and a woman in the box office, I decided to buy a season pass, which is worth the money if I planned to go more than two times over the course of the semester. I definitely do, as I will be bringing all of my visitors here, including Josh this weekend. It was so much fun even just walking around, as it was a little cold to do the rides. There is an ice-skating rink, a lot of food, a pond, a theatre, and winter-themed decorations. At the beginning of April, Tivoli will re-open with a Springtime theme. Hannah and I got dinner, explored the whole property, and then we both went home.
  • I had planned to go out with Adina and Goldie that night, but when we got caught up in booking flights, it ended up being too late to do something afterward. I am very excited, as I was able to book two trips: Vienna and London. I only have one more weekend that is up in the air in terms of where I’m going, and that’s not until the end of April. Planning all these trips is certainly exciting, but it is also tiring and time-consuming.


  • No field study today! I used most of the day to get ahead on work, and I also know that next Wednesday will be quite busy with two field studies and a group project meeting at night.
  • The highlights of my day included another beautiful run on the water with Adina, followed by a delicious brunch with her and Goldie at Cafe Paludan. That’s the place right down the street from my apartment; I hadn’t yet been there for brunch, but it’s now one of my favorites.
  • As I spend more time in various cafes, it’s interesting to observe little differences in Danish and American culture that are more subtle, perhaps ones I had overlooked when everything was so new. Adina pointed out that when you order a coffee here or any food that requires you to move down a line and get it from somewhere else, the workers will often say something along the lines of “My colleague will get that from you.” There are a few differences here to American culture: first, I have never heard the word “colleague” used in this context. Additionally, the more likely interaction would be for the person behind the counter to say “You’ll get your drink over there,” which is a lot less personal than the Danish version.
  • I filmed my Danish video with the girl from my class in the afternoon, and it took us a while, but we got it done.


  • My day of classes seemed a lot shorter than usual, as I had two guest speakers, plus a field trip with my Danish class, and the fact that my last class was another group’s workshop, so I did not need to attend. We listened to a lecture on the Christiansborg Palace tapestries in Danish, so we met at an alternative location close to DIS. In Positive Psychology, we had a guest lecture from a man in the Denmark police force, who spoke about his use of positive psychology when dealing with criminals. It was very interesting. In Sociology of the Family, we talked with an author of three children’s books about the concept of atypical families, specifically families where a mother must explain to a child the concept of a sperm donor. We had been learning in class about these difficult conversations people may need to have with their children, so it was nice to be able to talk to someone with so much experience. In addition to writing books on the subject, the speaker is a single mother herself, and she explained that when she realized she was 40 without a relationship, the idea of not having kids was not an option, so she had to do something.
  • I facetimed with Rachel after my classes, and after catching up, we did a workout video together—just like we do at school. It was nice to spend virtual time with her, and I’m so excited about our week together in April, which is now officially booked.
  • I finished up my work for the rest of the evening, and because I have been so diligent throughout the week about getting it done, I now feel so ahead. I am even more excited for this weekend, and it’s great that now I don’t have any more big assignments due before our next break. Adina and I even went down the street to get ice cream.


  • This morning, I went on a bike adventure to the neighborhood of Nørrebro, which I haven’t really had the chance to explore yet. I was thinking about doing a day trip to a museum or something, but with the busy weekend I have coming up, I decided that today I wanted to act as a local instead of a tourist. I sat in a cute cafe called Grød, which is famously known for its porridge and chia bowls. The weather was also beautiful for a bike ride. Then, I met up with Adina and Goldie for their lunch break, before going on the last of my errands before Josh arrives early tomorrow morning. I also explored my own neighborhood a bit, and there are so many cafes and restaurants I still want to try that are basically in my backyard. Tonight I plan on going to sleep early (I’m waking up at 6:30) and catching up with some friends from school, as many here are traveling.


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