A ~swede~ weekend

I am happy to report that it was a busy and fun-filled weekend. On Friday afternoon, I stuck to my word by trying new food at the Glass Market, which ended up finding me another dedicated-gluten-free facility. I had a panini with avocado, hummus, and vegetables, as well as a banana muffin. Later that night we had a yummy dinner at Chabad, where Jews from all over the world—there were several countries represented—gathered to celebrate the end of the week. It was a very home-y atmosphere, and there was plenty of gluten-free and Vegetarian food for me to enjoy. Then, we returned to A-Bar for the second time, and it was a fun night.

We eased into traveling by taking a day trip on Saturday to Malmö, Sweden. It is only a half hour train ride from the Copenhagen station, and the station is just a short walk from our apartment. We had such a fun day. I went with Adina, Goldie, and Adina’s friend who was visiting for the weekend. The four of us first visited Lilla Torg, the famous square in Sweden. We walked around and poked our heads into stores, and we looked at some brunch menus to decide where to eat. It was noon before we decided on a cute place called Eida, which was a fantastic meal with a cute ambiance. I had a salad (pictured) that might have been one of the best meals I have ever had. We also talked to the waitress, who thought it was fascinating that we were all studying abroad. She recommended that we get gelato at a nearby market, and she said that even in the subzero temperatures, it was worth it. We never would have found that place otherwise, and we, too, thought the gelato was very worth braving the cold. Despite the snow, we were still able to see a few key landmarks in the city. We visited the Turning Torso, which was the first twisted skyscraper in the world. Then we spent a few hours in Malmö Museer, a museum about Swedish history built into a castle! The architecture was very cool; there were a lot of windy staircases. After several hours on our feet, we were all exhausted, and we decided to return to Copenhagen for dinner. I ended up falling asleep pretty early; it was a long day, and we had another packed day ahead of us on Sunday.

We started today with brunch at Union Kitchen, a nice brunch place around the corner from Nyhavn. Their signature coffee includes a phrase written on top with some kind of cocoa powder, and mine said, “With enough coffee, anything is possible.” Then, we walked around the canal and the trampolines, even though it was pouring the entire day. Our initial afternoon plan was to visit the Louisiana Art Museum, but we learned that one of the famous exhibits was closed for the day, so we will go back another time. We ended up visiting the Danish Jewish Museum, and admission was free today since it’s International Holocaust Remembrance Day. We learned a lot about the history of Jews in Denmark today, and we saw many interesting artifacts.

Later in the day I finally made it to a gluten-free bakery I’ve been meaning to try, and I got a cinnamon bun as well as a loaf of bread for the week. Both products were delicious. Adina and I went to the grocery store to stock up on some food, and I also had the chance to regroup before the week starts tomorrow. I’m looking forward to learning some more Danish phrases. 🙂 Hej hej!

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