Google maps gone wrong

First of all, I think I’m really going to enjoy not having classes on Tuesday because that means if I get my work done, I can explore the city more on Wednesdays. I haven’t had any classes since I wrote my last post, but I certainly have done a lot. On Tuesday I was very productive in completing almost all my homework for the rest of the week, going to the gym, running a few errands (I still needed to get a few household items such as chip-clips), and getting lunch and coffee with friends. I also had my first Tuesday night at Billy Booze, which is a club that DIS students populate each Tuesday since no one has classes on Wednesday. It was so much fun, and you get free drinks when you show you are a student. It was nice to see so many people out in one spot; once people start to travel on weekends, I likely won’t see too many Americans at the same bar on a particular night.

I had quite an adventure this morning, which you may have already guessed by the title of this blog post. The goal of my run today was to go to a particular gym location that is a few towns away to sign up for a DIS student special—a 4-month gym membership for a very reduced price. I learned last week that you could only sign up at this one particular location, but Adina and I bought cheap week-passes at a nearby gym to allow us to work out while we figured out more concerning our neighborhood. Now that we (kind of) know our way around the area of our apartment, it was time to join the gym for real. So, I ran to this random location, which I entered into Google Maps. I actually happened to pass some beautiful buildings on my way, such as a movie theatre that is bright pink! 26 minutes later, I “arrived at my location,” at least according to my phone. I was confused, as I didn’t see a gym anywhere. I was surrounded by a bunch of industrial-looking buildings, but I figured there must be a gym inside somewhere. I knocked on a door of a building, and a man with a briefcase walked up next to me. I asked him if there was a gym in this building, and he informed me that it was a courthouse! Yikes. I apologized, and I asked if he knew where SATS gym was located. He said he thought he knew, and he gave me some other directions, which I gratefully took. I headed where he said to go, and I noticed that a large building said DENMARK GYMNASIUM in huge lettering. Admittedly, this did not look like a gym either, but I figured it must be close. I walked inside, and I noticed there were a bunch of high school-aged people around. I searched for another entrance that might lead to a gym, and I saw a sign for Administration. I opened the door to about 10 secretaries, who all looked at me. One of them asked me something in Danish, and I blushed, quickly replying that I spoke English, and I was looking for SATS gym. The woman stared at me. “This is a school,” she said. I was so embarrassed; I really should have realized before when I saw the people in the lobby area. I guess I’m just used to everything operating so differently here, so I figured the gym could definitely be inside a building that was labeled as a gymnasium. I returned to the freezing outside, wondering still where this gym was located. I did another loop around the buildings, ignoring the fact that Google Maps said I was walking farther from my intended destination. Finally, I saw a building labeled SATS. Yay! When I got closer, however, it was only a restaurant. I was so disappointed, and I was about to give up and run home—I had a Danish lesson at 10:30, and I wanted to be on time. I figured I would ask one more person, and I settled on someone walking in athletic gear, which could have been promising. She didn’t speak great English, but she pointed me in a general direction, so I walked that way. In tiny lettering, I saw the words “Fitness DK,” which was SATS gym’s previous name. Of course. I walked inside, and finally, I was in the right spot.

The kicker to this whole story? When I was giving the woman my information to register for the membership, she asked for my local address. Then, she asked what brought me “all the way to Fredericksburg,” given my address near Norreport. I said I thought I needed to register at this particular location, and she replied, “Nope. You can register at any location.” Wow. At least I got a good run out of this experience.

The rest of the day was filled with sight-seeing, as I did not have a field study. I had a quick Danish lesson, which ended up being private—the other four students who had registered did not show up. I actually feel way more comfortable with my pronunciation now, and I’m glad I went. Then, I had lunch with Goldie at Bowl Market, where I had a very filling meal. We took the bus to the Design Museum, and we visited many different rooms that were filled with interesting objects and a lot of chairs. It was a cool place. There was even a porcelain exhibit in its own room, and there were beautiful objects there. I’m attaching pictures to this post. 🙂

Next, we visited a very popular tourist site: the Little Mermaid Statue. It was relatively close to the museum, but it was still a very cold walk next to the water. The statue itself was smaller than I had pictured it to be, but the surrounding area was absolutely beautiful. There was so much water! And the sky was blue today, which made everything prettier. We headed home to regroup before it got dark.


**EDIT: I just learned from Maddie, my Big, that “gymnasium” is what Danes call high school. That explains something.

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