The first weekend in Cope: checking things off the bucket list

It has been a packed weekend, filled with beautiful exploration, great food, productive errands, fun nights, and more Danish culture learning experiences.

Shabbat dinner on Friday night was really fun. It was co-sponsored by the Chabad and Kahal, which is a Jewish home for college students abroad. The dinner ended up having plenty of gluten free bread and food because the man running the event eats gluten free, too. I went to the dinner with my friends Adina, Goldie, Aly, and Talya. There were several guards around the area of the synagogue, and one of the Israeli guards was telling us about an attack near the site a few years earlier. The European Union has taken several precautions since that event to help ensure it does not happen again, and we felt very safe. Afterward, they offered to show us around the JCC and the synagogue, which is beautiful.

Friday night we went out to Stereo Bar, a nightclub that was a five-minute walk from our apartment. It was a fun environment with good drinks and music and plenty of space to dance. The crowd was primarily young Danish people. When we got home, Adina and I talked for hours and then realized it had gotten late, and we had an early morning ahead of us.

Saturday started with a trip to get our Danish residency, which was a faster process than expected. We were in and out of the place in under 20 minutes. Adina and I went to the Glass Market for breakfast and we tried the oatmeal place—plenty of gluten free options. Then we headed to the famous trampolines near the Nyhavn Canal, where we jumped on the trampolines that are literally built into the ground. Next, we realized we were close to Christianhavn, which was a neighborhood of Copenhagen we had been meaning to explore. We crossed the bridge and ended up in another cute area. We explored Christiania, which is actually separate from the European Union, governed by its own laws. We were going to take a train home but it was fairly mild out, so we walked instead, and we found amazing winter hats on the way. (Picture included.)

We spent the next few hours getting work done at home, and Adina and I discussed all our personal, travel, academic, and general abroad goals for the semester. We decided that we are going to hold each other accountable for following the “rules” we outlined. I actually received this suggestion from someone back at school, and I’m looking forward to checking all the important things on my bucket list. We started to plan some travel. In two weeks, Adina, Goldie and I are going to Prague, and in about a month, I am meeting Emma in Rome! I am so excited. We went to the gym, showered, and we decided to go to Cafe Paludan for dinner. I decided that this is one of my favorite food places so far. They have great brunch as well as dinner, and the portions are enormous and delicious. I had a sandwich with salmon, pesto, avocado, and onions.

Last night we met up with Goldie and we went to Cafe Flamingo for another fun night out. It was a nice atmosphere, and we ended up talking to two other Americans who were visiting Copenhagen for the weekend.

Today I went with Adina to another new Copenhagen neighborhood, and this one required taking the train. She has a practicum for one of her classes and wanted to practice taking the public transportation, so I said I would go with her to explore. After we found the school, we had a delicious and authentic Denmark meal (open-faced sandwich) in a nearby restaurant. Then, we did laundry for the first time, and we finished homework for our first full week of classes.

This week, I’m looking forward to getting a better sense of what I’ll learn in my classes, attending the activities fair for DIS, and planning a day-trip to Sweden for next weekend. 🙂

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