Orientation Reflection

Today was the last day of orientation, and I can’t believe how much I have learned in only a few days. I started the day at a session specifically about my core course, Positive Psychology. It sounds very interesting, and my professor (Cornilla) is sweet and so funny. She said that positive psychology is all about savoring the moment, so she brought croissants for the whole class! Cornilla is also a very knowledgable person about Copenhagen. She said the worst thing we can do this semester is become set in routine; instead, we should lose ourselves in the city more than using navigation to get around. I do want to try this when I am not time-pressed.

I met two new people in the class and I got coffee with one of them afterward. It’s important to get to know people in that class, particularly because I will be traveling with them as a group.

I also picked up my bike today, and I had a 10-minute lesson of how to ride it. I’m still a little wobbly but it was definitely fun and exciting to ride it around my neighborhood. I also used it to pick up food for dinner, and it made the trip a lot quicker. I don’t seem to ride as fast as the Danes; many people passed me in the bike lane. I may try to avoid riding the bike during rush hour because I don’t want to cause a traffic jam or accident.

Today’s tourist attractions included lunch at 42 Raw, which is an all-gluten-free lunch spot with acai bowls and organic, plant-based treats. I had a delicious meal with Adina and a new friend.  We also explored the Rosenborg Castle, and we watched as the guards prepared to shoot, although they never did. It was an interesting process. The castle area is very pretty and green.

I feel excited going into my first day of classes tomorrow, and very thankful to have had time to explore the city before diving into school. DIS did a great job of keeping everyone in the loop about where to go and what to do, and I know I will only grow more comfortable here as time progresses.

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