The trip is five days away, and I have already been experiencing a whirlwind of emotions for months:

  1. Excitement. First and foremost, I am looking forward to a different semester in a place I have never been before. I love Cornell, my home university. But I have become very comfortable there, and it is time to grow myself a little more. I am excited to meet new people, take classes in a different environment, and have the ability to explore Copenhagen and other cities in Europe. I am looking forward to learning Danish and getting to know the culture by interacting with locals. I’m excited to ride my bike throughout the city and learn my way around. I will be living near the Round Tower, and I am thrilled that I will be central to many sights.
  2. Afraid. I can’t help feeling apprehensive about my upcoming adventure as well. I have never been to Denmark, let alone lived there for months. It will be strange not knowing people, and I know I will have to adjust to the lifestyle there. Luckily, Copenhagen is known as one of the happiest cities in the world, so whenever I feel scared, I will try to embrace that and use it as an opportunity to meet someone or do something interesting. I know that my confidence abroad will increase over time, and I am looking forward to creating a life for myself there. I am also sad to leave my family and friends at home, though I know they are supporting me on this journey, and they will be in America when I return.
  3. Hope. Most people I have spoken to who went abroad say it was one of the best experiences of their lives, and I hope that I feel the same way. My friends who have done DIS in the past speak especially highly about their classes and exploration of Copenhagen. I want to create a semester of unforgettable memories and absorb as much knowledge as I possibly can.
  4. READY. As I have recently completed the last online information segment of DIS before departure, and since I just learned exactly where I will live in Copenhagen, I feel prepared (as much as I can be) for the trip, and I am excited for take-off. While I am sadly saying goodbye to many people this week, I am about to embark on a journey that is unlike any other.

Here’s to four months of learning, fun, travel, new people, and a Danish lifestyle.

Vi ses, Amerika!

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